Payroll services checklist

A 5-point checklist for great online payroll services

Choosing the right online payroll service to partner with will probably be one of the best business decisions you make, especially as your business grows.

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Select wisely, and it will save you time and money – and build goodwill with your staff as they feel confident that there are never any mistakes in their payroll calculations.

Follow our straightforward steps for staying in control:

1. Register your business with your local tax office and ensure your payroll number appears on all your documents submitted to HMRC.

2. Record your employees’ data – not only names and addresses, but also National Insurance numbers, tax deductions, holidays, overtime, and days off sick.

3. Update your payroll info regularly to protect yourself as an employer.

4. Set up an archive – employee records need to be kept for several years – consider how you will store this personal info, securely.

5. Make sure your staff complete all necessary tax forms and return them to HMRC.

Alternatively, of course, you can contact the Proto Payroll online service team, and let us do all the work for you!

We offer online payroll services throughout the UK and have the team, the time and the expertise to help you at Proto Payroll. For an informal chat, please email or complete a free quote using our payroll calculator on our website.

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