Online payroll - Did you know...?

Online payroll - Did you know...?

HMRC often changes the rules surrounding tax codes and notices, such as P6 and P9. And keeping up to date can be challenging at the best of times.

Most people have never heard of P6’s and P9’s, but when you work with an online payroll expert, like Proto Payroll, we will ensure you and your business is always fully compliant.
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A P6, for example, is issued by HMRC to employers and provides details of an employee’s tax code and previous pay and tax. Otherwise, the payment details updated to the employee’s P11D will be different to the payment they receive.

As an employer, you should also complete a P9 for your staff showing basic salary, allowances and benefits, gross salary, pension contributions and PAYE charged and deducted.

As an entrepreneur, we’re pretty certain it’s not at the top of your ‘to do’ list!

And all this may sound rather complicated, and we know that you are often busy with other more pressing business matters, like new client account wins and product sales.

Payroll services allow you the freedom to focus on growing your business saving you time and energy. The best way forward is to find one which offers a fully managed payroll service for start ups and small businesses so you have complete piece of mind.

We offer online payroll services throughout the UK and have the team, the time and the expertise to help you at Proto Payroll. For an informal chat, please email or complete a free quote using our payroll calculator on our website.

Our next blog will discuss what to do about late payroll reporting and late payment alerts, so check back in with us for the latest online payroll information next week.

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