Payroll services for Accountants

Using Proto Payroll's online payroll service for your clients will allow you to focus on your core business, provide a better overall service and make you money

Why use our online payroll service for accountants?

Make money

Providing payroll services can be a very costly exercise for accountants with high staff costs, expensive software and the expense of ongoing training.

By using Proto Payroll's online payroll service you can achieve these cost savings instantly allowing you reinvest the money and time in more profitable areas.

On top of the cost savings, we want to reward you and consequently you can earn commission on the clients we work together on.

Diversify risk

We understand that small accountancy practices want to have a full service offering so that they can compete with larger firms and therefore win and retain clients.

Through Proto Payroll this can be achieved without putting yourself, your practice and your clients at risk.

We will dovetail our online payroll services with you and your clients so that it is seamlessly introduced and that timely reporting is provided to help you deliver your other service effectively.

Focus on core business

Many freelance accountants and small accountancy firm have a particular specialty. Whether this is management accounts, corporate finance and advisory services or industry specific specialties, you should want to on what you do best.

From the accountants we work with we have found that by using Proto Payroll's online payroll services not only saves them time and money but allows them to make more profit from their core business.

Ensure Compliance

Payroll legislation is constantly on the change. Now with the recent introduction of GDPR it is more important than ever to ensure you have the controls in place to protect your clients information.

Why take the risk of non-compliance? Our online payroll portal is fully GDPR compliant and easy to use and therefore you can be confident that your clients are receiving the gold standard in payroll services.

Also, as you would expect, our service provides all the necessary reporting to HMRC for your clients and their employees.

Happy clients

Ultimately, like us, you want happy clients who are appreciative of the work you perform for them and the value you add to their business. Proto Payroll's online payroll services can help you achieve this.

We will work closely with you to ensure that by using Proto Payroll you only enhance your clients experience and that there is a seamless link between the services you provide, our payroll services and the client.

Find out more about what Proto Payroll can offer you accounting practice by calling freephone 0800 233 5199 or emailing