Why use an online payroll provider?

Why use an online payroll provider?

Over the last few years, the world of accountancy – and in particular, payroll – has been moving very quickly.

No longer is it enough for businesses to just complete weekly wage calculations and monthly salaries and ensure the correct amount of tax is paid to HMRC.

Payroll services now have a more demanding role to fill - especially online payroll services.

Our online payroll services are transparent and simple to use. For example, in addition to accurate and timely staff payments, we also deliver pensions auto-enrolment, direct access to up to date advice, authorisation procedures, electronic payroll, P45’s and P11D’s.

Dealing with HMRC, real time information (RTI), gender pay gap reporting, pensions auto-enrolment and GDPR, take their toll on your time and staying up to date with new and ever changing legislation is more than a little challenging even for the most organised business owners.

But these are areas which are all now viewed by payroll professionals as “minimum standards”. At Proto Payroll, our online payroll services are constantly updated to include such services as payrolling of benefits in kind, national minimum wage categories and even payroll data profiling.

We offer online payroll services throughout the UK and have the team, the time and the expertise to help you at Proto Payroll. For an informal chat, please email tom.hornbuckle@protopayroll.co.uk or complete a free quote using our payroll calculator on our website.

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